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Featured Children 8/12/04 - 8/19/04

Sarah Skiba

What happened: Sarah's photo is show age-progressed to 14 years. She may be in the company of her father, Paul C. Skiba and his employee, Lorenzo Chivers. Sarah has a red mark on the bridge of her nose. Lorenzo has a tattoo of a scorpion on his left forearm and a scar on his abdomen. Foul play is suspected. (from NCMEC)

Date Missing: February 7, 1999

Danyel Sparpana

What happened: Danyel's photo is shown age-progressed to 21 years. She went missing from her home in West Sacramento, California. Danyel has a birthmark on her left knee. FOUL PLAY SUSPECTED. (from NCMEC)

Date Missing: November 2, 1985
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