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Welcome to Lead Me Home!

Hi everyone and welcome to the Live Journal Community for Lead Me Home!

The primary goal of Lead Me Home, and thus of this community as well, is to introduce people to the plight of missing and abducted children. The children featured on this community and on the website have been reported missing and are thus in danger. Some are victims of stranger abductions, while others have been taken by noncustodial family members, run away, or have simply disappeared. All of them need your help to make it home.

If you recognize any child featured here, please call 1-800-the-lost, which is the phone number for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, or 911. If you want to learn more about missing children, please visit the following websites:
The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, The Polly Klaas Foundation, Rino Kids, The Child Seek Network.

Two new children will be featured on Lead Me Home every week, on Thursday afternoon/evenings. The first child will be a child abducted within the past five years who is still believed to be in the United States. The second child will be a child missing longer than five years or who has been taken out of the country. Since this community was created after the website, I have already featured nearly two hundred children. Those who are still missing will be listed below, in the order that they were featured. I will also post articles containing information about the featured children. Amber Alert children will be featured as soon as I receive word of the alert. Images and information about the kids can be found at the Lead Me Home website.

As always, the photos are the property of the children's families. All published articles are owned by the author or their publisher.

The following children have already been featured on Lead Me Home:

Shawn White
Sabrina Allen
Christy and Abby Steyne
Sheena Vasquez
Bianca Lebron
Mikelle Biggs
Sofia Juarez
Abby Blagg
Shaina Kirkpatrick and Shausha Henson
Mariana Cisneros
Brittany Williams
Teekah Lewis
Jacqueline Vasquez
Tristen Myers
Precious Rivera
Tabitha Tuders
Acacia Bishop
Christian Ferguson
Leanna Warner
Erica Baker
Brandon Wade
Jarkeius Adside
Samantha Kibalo
Zachary Bernhardt
Heaven Ross
Rachel Cooke
Morgan Nick
Ashani Creighton
Andrew Amato
Shawn Hornbeck
Jessica Gutierrez
Jacob Wetterling
Joe and Samuel Tarkington
Ta'Niyah Leonard
Christopher Abeyta
Kirsten Hatfield
Ashley Freeman and Lauria Bible
Marc Copeland
Andrea Reyes Tenorio
Samantha Padilla
Jovonna Crawford
Octavio Farias
Estelle Mouzin
Tionda and Diamond Bradley
Ben Needham
Jeremy DeWalt
Nadia Dabbagh
Alexander Martinez
Jahi Turner
Kristen Modafferi
Megan Ginevicz
Taylor Ann Hill
Paul Baker
Shelby and Hannah Geraci
Katheryne Lugo
Angel Torres-Irizarry
Asha Degree
Jeanna North
Michael Hughes
Jie Zhao Li
Richard, Daniel, and Christopher Sanchez
Corey Edkin
Sheila and Katherine Lyon
Tariq and Sarah Elsafi
Jennifer and Adrianna Wix
Timothy Washington
Justin Harris
Audrey Nerenberg
Katrina Nash
Georgina DeJesus
Salvatore Marino
Sky Gilbert
Nyleen Kay Marshall
D'Wan Sims
Clark Handa
Logan Tucker
Miranda Budiman
Sean Shrewsbury
Derrick Engebretson
Brooke Wilberger
Savanna Todd
Rosa Sandoval
Jamal Abdul'Faruq
Lindsey and Samuel Porter
Brianna Ballout
Nathan Shugarman
Daniel Yuen
Tamra Keepness
Samantha Fain
Adam and Jason Shannon
Jeremiah Huger
David Gonzalez
Jaycee Dugard
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